2020 Recital is May 30th-31st

at Columbus Middle School Auditorium!

Parent Watch Week will be April 3rd-9th. Come and get a sneak peak of your dancers recital routine and costumes will be handed out!

Recital Tickets will go on sale on Sunday April 26th at 6pm! Tickets will be sold online through Dance Recital Ticketing. We will hand out more info during parent watch week!

Recital & Competition Team Pictures will be April 27th-30th at the studio! Click the link below for picture schedule. 

We will be having 3 shows: SHOW A on Saturday May 30th at 1pm, SHOW B on Saturday May 30th at 6pm & SHOW C on Sunday May 31st at 2pm. Click the link below to view which recital your dancer will be in. This is also posted at the studio.

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